Cee’s Black &White, Shadows and Reflections

I’ve been fighting a virus this last while and the ensuing slump that came with it but in fighting my way out of the the fog I thought I’d join in one of Cee’s fun challenges this week- Black and White, Shadows and Reflections. Do check out all the entries on her great blog!

Because I just returned again from a trip over the Atlantic I thought I’d use some of the dramatic scenes I tried to capture while there including a stopover in Toronto.

So from the modern and magnificent- and somewhat overwhelming for a small town girl!

To refections

Downtown Toronto, Canada

to the wonderful old castles of the Scottish Highlands. They usually have the added bonus of being haunted!

Eilean Donaninblck&wht

Eilean Donan on Loch Alsh

From the reflective beaches of the Dingle Peninsula

silhouettes on Dingle

On the Inch

To the solitudes of Killarney National Park- there is a journey, a threshold and a silence that rather works for the melancholic and introverted personality!

tulgey killarneywoodfilter

The Tulgey Wood

I love moody shadows and reflections

The Dark Isle- “An t Eilean Dorcha”