Beaches of County Kerry

Not back to form yet! However, here are some sublime places to visit.

If you don’t like the weather in Ireland just wait five minutes –  similar to the West Coast where I live! I have come home to rain and more rain and no lovely break in the clouds such as we experienced in both Ireland and Scotland.

Here are some unbelievable beaches that we enjoyed on our day trips around the Dingle Peninsula and Ring of Kerry where the music  heard was the flute and drums of wind and surf.

On the Inch crop

Inch Beach, On The Strand

Ballyskellig Beach

Ballinskelligs Beach

The Irish are very fond of horse races and there are three special events through the year in Killarney. Formal dress and ladies fancy hats are mandatory. Those at Glenbeigh Beach are less formal.

Preparing for the races at Glenbeigh

Preparing for the races at Glenbeigh

Next time we are in Ireland I would love to visit Sceilig Mhichil (Skellig Michael), a barren, rocky island off the coast of Portmagee and a place where monasticism began in Ireland around the 6th or 7th Century. It is now a world heritage site. Getting there can be very daunting as the seas are very rough and because of this, the ferry doesn’t always run, but I believe it is a true pilgrimage which consists of three parts, a journey, a threshold and a silence, something I have felt often when visiting certain sites in Ireland.

shamrocks small

How Patrick explained the Trinity

triple spire Newgrange

triple spiral

The Wind from the South-Chieftains