A few impressions of Edinburgh and the Lothians

I will try to post some images as the slow internet connection and/or laptop permits.

My Scotland is fields and hillsides of heather and wild Lupins, castles and towers, amber rivers full of peat (an ingredient of their famous whiskey), jovial Scots and the Scottish Thistle where a bee did a Braveheart showing me only his bobbing hindquarters.

I am so pleased with the detail and resolution in both zoom and panorama of my new Tamron 16-300mm. The stability also is very good. I so wanted to buy a full frame camera but at the cost, it was that or give up either Scotland or Ireland. I could not make that choice so we will be back in Ireland the middle of August.

I love the tiny castle- and what a wonderful play house it would make! It belonged to the ill fated Mary, queen of Scots  They call it her bathhouse though it’s actual use is unclear today.

So my friends, it’s off to the Highland games in Perth and then Glamis of Shakespeare’s MacBeth fame; “this castle hath a pleasant air” -and murder most foul.

tamron lens (except for infrared)