It’s raining!!

Finally the soothing rains fall on our poor, parched and thirsty earth here on the west coast though we need much more. I awoke to the sound of gentle tapping on the skylight!!


Rush out into the rain and be soaked with the sky – Rumi

my poppy

tibetan poppy

last year’s painterly meconopsis. They are biennial.

Poppies are my favourite flower. I think it is because they are so fragile and ephemeral and also because most of them chose me and volunteered themselves in my little, often overgrown garden – pink opium poppies, Red flags of the dead poppies, California poppies and a Tibetan blue poppy- the only one I planted.  Their petals fly on the wind but for a brief moment they offer an enticing chalice of joy!

The Rain is on the roof- Moody Blues