Monochrome Madness 2-20

Leanne Cole’s Monochrome Madness time and a very short story

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uptown funk

At the Uptown French Cafe ( best seen on attachment page)

La Prochaine Fois,- Quelques Cerises! –

from my Uptown Shopping Centre collection of short stories and wish I was back in Paris!

How could anyone not notice her! Adorned with large sunglasses and a Gallic pout she sat alone and Renoir-like at the outdoor cafe under a red umbrella.  There was a certain insouciant playfulness to her gestures, a deliberate look of ennui, – and then there was that slight ghosted crust of  chocolate sprinkled frozen yogurt above her lip.”  


I was hoping my image had a touch of Film Noir to it!!  like the  wonderful 1981 French film Diva – a thriller which included- the exquisite aria from La Wally (for all you old opera fans)

or else for you funk fans,  the adorable Haschak sisters singing uptown funk

.. Uptown funk gonna give it to ya