The Twilit Lens of Robert C. Fountain

I am honoured by Robert C. Fountain’s reblog of my Ghosts at the Lake post and encourage everyone to check out his blog The World in Twilight.  He is the founder of “the deliciously dark photography company” and this is how he describes himself and his mission

I am an explorer of the umbra.
I draw people into forgotten history.
I show shadows that move when you’re not looking.
I show phantasms, forgotten dreams, cobwebbed memoirs.
I am Robert Fountain.
And I wield The Twilit Lens

on WordPress The World in Twilight

and he can be found at The Twilit Lens Photography Company

oh and by the way he also does weddings. I don’t know if any of them might be Goth or not!! 😀

Of course he is someone after my own heart.

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  1. sixpixx says:

    Another fantastic, fantasy fotographer. I wondered if you might like this guy’s work too. Although a little (well, quite a lot) more sinister, I like the way he edits his shots. I came across him on Google+

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    1. me too!! He’s quite the dark wizard of photography! thanks for that link!


    2. oh wow!! another great spooky!!

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  2. Intriguing location and captivating photos! Well done!

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    1. I like “from the dark side!!” 🙂 He’s an interesting photographer!


  3. The angles add to the mystery! Love it! 🙂

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    1. He has a very interesting angle on things!!

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  4. sedge808 says:

    i wound so like to visit this place.

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  5. Nurul Lubis says:

    Beautiful words.. And magical photos too…

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  6. Mark Simms says:

    Thanks for sharing Cyb 😊

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  7. Oh, how wonderful, Cybele, and what a wonderful comment Robert included in the reblog! I will definitely take some time to visit his blog!

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    1. He has some brilliant ( though dark) work!!

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  8. lauramacky says:

    I have a hard time viewing his blog because the images are slightly larger than the screen. Maybe it’s just me though. I love what you did with your images here. Between you and Infrared Robert I’m getting vewy vewy scared lol!

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    1. lol!! I am a fan of writer, Neil Gaimon “Be hole, be dust, be dream, be wind/Be night, be dark, be wish, be mind,/Now slip, now slide, now move unseen,/Above, beneath, betwixt, between.” – only in images! ( and only sometimes)
      Yes Robert changed his blog layout and I noticed the images got very big but sometimes that happens when you reblog a bigger image I think? maybe that might be a good comment to give to him. He has some brilliant work there.


      1. lauramacky says:

        I think I read 50 Shades of Grey hahahah!!!

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      2. lol!! I’m getting so old Laura that sounds like laundry!! 😛 jk! I haven’t read that – I think my daughter did!

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      3. lauramacky says:

        haha! I read all three of them, pathetically so. They are the most horrible written books!

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    1. happy you liked it Sheldon! 🙂


  9. sedge808 says:

    Wonderful works.

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  10. Maria F. says:

    I love it, the angle, perspective and mood.

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    1. me too! I hope more people will check his blog and site.


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