The Twilit Lens of Robert C. Fountain

I am honoured by Robert C. Fountain’s reblog of my Ghosts at the Lake post and encourage everyone to check out his blog The World in Twilight.  He is the founder of “the deliciously dark photography company” and this is how he describes himself and his mission

I am an explorer of the umbra.
I draw people into forgotten history.
I show shadows that move when you’re not looking.
I show phantasms, forgotten dreams, cobwebbed memoirs.
I am Robert Fountain.
And I wield The Twilit Lens

on WordPress The World in Twilight

and he can be found at The Twilit Lens Photography Company

oh and by the way he also does weddings. I don’t know if any of them might be Goth or not!! 😀

Of course he is someone after my own heart.