Monochrome Madness 2-16 – and Dragonfly Summer

Here is my submission to Leanne Cole‘s magnificent Monochrome Madness 2-16 . Visit her site for a beautiful and varied gallery.

This will be my last post till next week. I will be away from WordPress for a few days visiting my brother in the interior of British Columbia where it is hot  believe it or not- 40 Celsius this weekend for those who think of Canada as cold!! I’m not looking forward to the heat but I’m going for my niece’s graduation.

The Okanagan is one of the fine meeting places of the winds! It is a beautiful orchard and vineyard country (BC wines have come into their own), of rolling hills and mountains, and of valleys with fish filled rivers running through them. It is the land of lakes and the legendary Ogopogo – a cousin to Nessie.  I hope I’m able to bring back a few good images of the beast.

Meanwhile here is the Mount Doug area of Victoria, a peaceful pond and the light in the lotus – om mane padme hum.

lily pond

One morning I went to a place beyond dawn.
A source of sweetness that flows
and is never less. I have been shown
a beauty that would confuse both worlds- Rumi

home of the fierce Dragonfly Squadron Circus

I find that my canon zoom lens images aren’t very crisp ( 75-300mm and the 55-250 is worse), but with a few photoshop tweaks I was not unhappy with these.

Okanagan Country ( taken a few years back and a stitch)

Lake countryab