Greyfriars Bobby

Better late than never for Robyn Gosby’s One Four Challenge where you process an image four ways in four weeks. Although I have a few new pictures, because I love a good story I had an urge to use an older one that is very dear to my heart.

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The Story of Greyfriars Wee Bobby

In the picturesque old town of Edinburgh, one of the most charming cities in the world, and behind Castle Rock and the Royal Mile, lies a lovely old street called Candlemaker Row in an area called Greyfriars.


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Every Scottish school child and every child in Scotland for that matter knows the story of Greyfriars wee Bobby. On Candlemaker Row this statue stands in tribute to him in front of the pub that is named for him.  Walt Disney made a poignant film in 1961 entitled “Greyfriars Bobby.”

Back in the 1850’s Bobby was a skye terrier who belonged to “Auld Jock” and the two were inseparable. When his master died Bobby grieved and followed the casket into the kirkyard. Though the gates were locked and no dogs were allowed, each day he found a way to sneak in so he could sleep on his beloved master’s grave.  The children and people of Greyfriar’s  were so moved that they adopted him. Even the sexton of the church yard who had chased him off every night began to look out for him. All befriended  Bobby but Bobby still continued to sleep on Auld Jock’s grave and never strayed until his own death in 1872.

“When the firing of the one o’clock gun sounded from Edinburgh Castle each day, Bobby would leave his post, and run to the eating house which he had frequented with Auld Jock, and then return to Jock’s grave. News of Bobby’s loyalty soon spread, and crowds would gather for the firing of the gun, to see Bobby run for his midday meal.”

There is a stone to him that stands near his master’s grave. The churchyard sign still states “no dogs allowed except seeing eye and guide dogs ” but recently someone has scratched below and Bobby!”

Bobby’s stone reads Let his loyalty and devotion be a lesson to us all.

bobby's grave


Delightful Children’s Choir singing Road to the Isles– this is often played (by bagpipes) for the Queen as she rides in parade through the streets in honour of her Scottish heritage

Info: The skye terrier is an endangered breed of dog in the UK according to the Kennel Club.

I used a painterly edit for this week and sharpened the lines around Bobby.


auld jock and bobby in the Disney version