Life on Mars and other fine places – and a little Monochrome Madness on Mars

The Biosphere project on the upland region of Tharsis

(This is my submission to Leanne Cole’s wonderful Monochrome Madness 2-12– visit her site for all the great images)

digitalis spire

Solar Flare on Martian Foxgloves

If we as humans can’t get a hold on our own environmental issues how will we fare on other worlds? And how will other worlds fare with us?



An abandoned road in Ismenius Lacus


sunset on Mars

The few remaining settlers enjoy red twilight 

Any Science Fiction fans out there who have not read the classic “Martian Chronicles” by the late Ray Bradbury will not be given priority seating on the space shuttle.


and I must include my favourite changeling


The mer girl from Upsilon Andromedae –each one she passes goes ahhh


space garden

The last surviving  garden dome drifts by a moon in the Alpha Centauri system


Rejoice in the Sun by Joan Baez-

from a beautiful and poignant old film called Silent Running –  an environmental science fiction piece about the last gardens of earth, placed inside geodesic domes and tended by astronaut gardeners in space until they are finally deemed no longer sustainable and abandoned.

Fields of children running wild in the sun
Like a forest is your child growing wild in the sun
Doomed in his innocence in the sun


Space dome from the film