The magic Forest

Greetings dear blogging friends

I’ve had to slow down a bit on blogging lately- life is coming at me from all angles but it’s all good and I’m still  here and I am out walking!  I will catch up with you all. I’ve noticed in the year and a bit I’ve been here, how people have – or have developed, their own style and vision. I’ve seen how they see light, moods, shapes and colours, how they see the absence of light,  how lovingly they photograph their lives and their journeys, and how interestingly they tell their stories. 

Where else do we get to see the world without paying for the flight and where else can we arm chair travel into the visual landscapes and abstract realms?    Thank you all for being in my blogosphere and happy Sunday!

Walking before dusk through slanted gold is truly the hour of dreams

camas lily

Here come the Camas Lillies!! It’s almost May!

After the rain

dream catcher

A gathering of dreams on leaves caught in the light of the setting sun

And a few more from the path at the lake