The Chronicles of Niamh

I am going to be taking a few days to deal with some family and other related things.  I’ve had to slow down the last while and take a breath!!  Back after the weekend!

Happy Easter to all!!

I’m also hoping to finish my Tales of the Tuatha that I have been working on, as my sweet Niamh’s  journey comes to a conclusion at the sacred spring. Then, of course I will have to go back and revise and try to pull all the (some disparate) tales together in a more cohesive and comprehensive way.  I’ve become so attached to her and Bran and now the mysterious rider!! I don’t want the tale to end but it must in order for another dream to begin.

By star, wind and moonlight


“All the dreams spilled out onto the path and went spinning backward into the soft curve of the morning mist”