Fresh (as rain drops)

I’m going with the The Daily Post theme of Fresh today.

Living on the soggy west coast I might as well appeciate the freshness of rain on a Magnolia tree and our island saying of “if you don’t like the weather just wait five minutes!”

magnolia fresh1

 and on the lawn,  raindrops have turned dandelion puffs  into  glittering fibre optic lamp posts as the sun shines briefly through the clouds

chandelier lamp puff

and after the rain a  bumble bee smells the fragrance of freshly washed- and hanging to dry- wild roses   (this was last’s post’s Monochrome Madness submission- for you Sarah Potter as per request!) – To see it in monochrome

morning fresco

rain drops and wildroses

In all of these I used a colour filter and on the wildrose I used a PS  fresco filter to enhance. The first two were taken with an 18-55 lens (Canon Rebel EOS t4i) and the third was a pocket Kodak EasyShare!