One Four Challenge Week 4

Robyn Gosby’s  (Captivate Me)  One Four Challenge– the final, week is upon us and a poll for the favourite. Which do you prefer!?


… I further heard in the days before his death that he was overheard asking all  traders and wayfarers  if any in their travels had come across a woman of surpassing beauty who bore the mark of a flaming rose on her thigh, –

 but the answer had long been lost in the  seductive dance of an oasis mirage  and in the  mournful wail of  the dunes as they are created and destroyed by the desert winds.  

In those last days he was seen standing ever watchful on his palace walls, his eyes searching the shifting shapes of the landscape, until the day folded silently into the dark and hungry cloak of the desert night. ……….read the full story on  Tales of the Caravanserai


Process: I think this edit speaks for itself, all I used was a sand texture overlay I had, a light filter and a few brush strokes.

monochrome extra

monochrome extra