Cee Neuner’s Black and White challenge

Cee’s Black & White Photo Challenge: Music – People, instruments, sheet music, audio devices

My younger brother, among many other things was a musician, so these well worn drumsticks hold a special place at my house in a little shrine with the Buddha and Ganesh.  He was both a free and yet fragile spirit who loved his horses,-and the drums, to the beat of which he lived and traveled, spending time in the far east.  The Buddha and  a happy Ganesh went everywhere with him. Om mane padme hum.

drumsticks and Ganesh

“Though fire be mixed with my dust yet care I not, for now all is well with me”

penny whistle

My Penny (Tin) whistle

 “Oh Come ye back when summer’s in the meadow”

drummer sketch2

“We miss you so”

(I played in Topaz Sketch Effect with this older photo -“On the Kit”)

Dedicated to my brother, and to songs and rhythms past that still play in our hearts

Thank you Cee Neuner for the challenge, and for reminding me of the music