Sunset Cathedral – A Photo Composite by RC Fountain

The haunted work of RC Fountain and The Twilit Lens! Of course I love it. It is the stuff of mystery and fairy tales- or even murder in the sacristy. He explains his process though I’m sure it truly is the witching hour and he just happened to pass through the veil!! Visit his page to see the image more clearly!

The World in Twilight

Cathedral Composite

I have to admit that sometimes even magic hour lacks that certain “something.” In this case, it lacked an interesting sky. Enter Photoshop’s magnetic lasso tool. This tool always fascinates me with how it knows to conform to a shape no matter how irregular the outline.

Once the natural sky was removed and a suitable artificial sky inserted as a new layer, the picture truly came together. That being said, the golden hour side lighting made for a truly haunting composition.

Exposure Data: ISO 100, f/11, 1/30

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