One Four Challenge week 3

Robyn Gosby at Captivate Me presents  a monthly challenge to process an image four ways.  It is already week three for the  One Four Challenge. I struggled a bit with this one thinking either to keep the images including the rose, muted, in keeping with Sa’ed’s love lost,  but then decided to go for the flame of  passion with the weary spirit of Sa’ed  in the shadows – or some such!!

I used a flame texture, a slight solarization and vignette.


Yearning  (a fantastic piece of music – the doumbek rhythm is like a heart skipping  a beat – Stacy from Learning to See Light will understand!)

It was then that the mark on her thigh truly caught fire, and her knees buckled. Afterward  their touchings became more deliberate.They were falling in love.  They eventually planned an assignation to meet at a deserted caravanserai  in the nearby hills  to quench the fever that had begun to addle their faculties of reason – and thus their fear of consequence.  Roxanne had by now, revealed her deception to Hassan, but it was too late, their kismet had already been sealed.

….. Tales of the Caravanserai