One Four Challenge Week Two ( March)

The wonderful One Four Challenge by Robyn Gosby at her blog Captivate Me.  As with my last challenge I’m hoping each processing describes or portrays an aspect or emotion of my short story.



Fajr ( dawn prayer) of the Tuareg caravan

……   It was always with  eagerness and relief that he returned to find her waiting in the lush courtyard gardens, her arms like the petals of the rose opening  to embrace him, her sweet laughter spilling into the air like water from the tiled fountains. He was content.  Tales of the Caravanserai

One Four Challenge week one


Editin this process I cropped the photo and used an overlay with a slight colour filter and a few strokes of a grunge brush ( again very lightly) I was hoping to keep the mystery but add a sense of water splashing or falling- as in a garden- and a sense of an impending misfortune.  I first attempted a monochrome version which I will show here as an extra but I wasn’t sure if the subject would lose sensuality without colour.

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