One Four Challenge – week one March

Week One of Robin Gosby’s One Four Challenge on her blog “Captivate Me”

here is another macro study from my garden and I might as well continue it in my favourite style -( hopefully a touch mysterious)

When I created  this composition it reminded me of  – Tales of the Caravanserai


music of the Ghawazi

As Salamu Alaykem!

I must tell you a story I heard while travelling through the far kingdoms, a tale of a beautiful woman called Roxanne Abal, who was known as  The Desert Rose,  and of a powerful warlord and king named Sa’ed, the lion of the dunes.   Tales of the Caravanserai- a desert tale


Background of music:

The Ghawazi of Egypt are female dancers from the Dom tribe, which is the Persian and Middle Eastern branch of the Rom, originally from India. They perform in the famous musical Gypsy tradition as their counterparts in Spain do with flamenco. They use finger cymbals or zills and dance bare headed with hip movements. This eventually developed into the belly dance of today which is loved in Egypt and Turkey and made famous by dancers like Fifi Abdou, Nagwa Fouad, and Lucy etc.   The Ghawazi still dance their traditional folk dances of the desert.

I added a touch of chiaroscuro effect to the original image