One Four Challenge week 4 – Meg’s Pearls

 We are invited to process a photo four different ways and here is

Week 4 of Robyn Gosby’s One Four Challenge  –  Meg’s Pearls

And now, all is well with me

week 4-” a sob surged upward from the depths of her”

 “For.. In an abrupt and terrible twist of fate Meg never returned from that far off place of monsoons and  sudden hurricanes.“–The short story A Canticle for Meg

In this process and overlay I wanted to portray a sense of sacred peace.  I used the glow of a stained glass window and then I added the old family photograph to look as though it was gently laid beside the keepsake pearls. I tried to give a sense of faded memories dissolving into the light.

and as I often like to include interesting pieces of music in my posts here is a lovely old piece called “Wind from the South” by the Chieftains.