Monochrome Madness 49

Time for Leanne Cole and Laura Macky’s  Monochrome Madness 49

Thank you so much ladies for such a fun weekly challenge. Do check out all the wonderful monochrome work by everyone

morning on the farmbest

The old farm on the esturary

My submissions aren’t new photos. They are two I worked on from my many files, as I’m not as motivated to get out as much these days – but trying!

and the sketch version

farm morningpaint


and a birthday passed and remembered,

flowers in mono
For our sweet girl Robin-
“A wound is the place where light enters”- Rumi

Much missed

Fare thee well love by the Rankin family of Nova Scotia

“Will we never meet again, no more?” says the song but even though we only pass this way once and often in times like this it can be a lonely walk,  there are other journeys, and I believe somewhere we will meet again! Om mane padme hum.