One Four Challenge- Week 4

I’m back in business though I have a lot yet to download and sort to the new hard drive after it failed on me last week!! (my files were saved!)

I am too late for Monochrome Madness but here is  my Week 4 of Robyn Gosby’s Challenge. Be sure to check out all the wonderful submissions. This is the last chapter of Bonnie’s adventures.

I used a glow, a multilens filter and an overlay to give it a touch of an abstract dreaminess (or nightmare for some!).

my firefly doll2pastel

Week 4- Bonnie’s Delight

A Night in the Garden

Bonnie was still lying there on the table as the shadow of evening quietly slid over the back lawn.   An orchestra of crickets somewhere near the back gate began to tune their instruments but never quite progressed to a full blown melody. A mother racoon made her way across the lawn with a small train of babies following her. There were six in all including the caboose who threatened to derail them all by sniffing out a few fallen crumbs under the picnic table.  The mother stopped patiently to give him a stern look and he took his place again as they disappeared around the side of the house in the direction of the goldfish pond.

Bonnie could hear the stars singing as they winked into life and there was one that streaked across the sky in the note of high C.  She was sure it had fallen close by. The climbing white roses lit up on the arched trellis that led into the lower garden, and everything was humming with stardust.   There had even been a small explosion as the star hit the earth because immediately afterward, a cloud of glowing embers rose up and began to dart here and there. Of course they were fire flies, but Bonnie couldn’t differentiate them from pieces of stars.  She smiled in delight and didn’t mind at all that she had been left outside.

in the night garden (2)

During the night Little Miss dreamed she heard Bonnie laughing outside her window and  first thing she did in the morning was run out into the garden to look for her.  She was overjoyed to find the tiny figure still there and told her how sorry she was to have abandoned her out in the cold all night.  As they went back into the house and through the hallway Bonnie heard the canary singing from the library.  He had been captured after all and his cage put in a room where the windows were always kept closed. In spite of this he still hopped and sang a greeting.  It seemed he had forgotten all about his glorious moment in the sun though Bonnie thought his song had a wistful air to it.

All  Bonnie’s friends were happy to see her safe and sound. Cowslip had one less tear on her cheek, Buttercup smiled broadly and Bluebell sucked her thumb contentedly. By the evening Bonnie’s  glorious night out in the garden was forgotten too,  as  everyone in the house gathered in the parlour to listen to Little Miss playing “Twinkle twinkle little star” on the old piano.