Uh oh (hard drive failure)

Such a bother!!  Fred did it again.  My PC is in repair for a new hard drive. I’m using an old lap top the last two days and which is painfully slow and  hard on my wrist. Typing is difficult!! Pages take a long time to load. This post alone took forever and I used my i phone.

It will take time to download all my programs including photoshop when I get my desktop back- hopefully later today.

I may not be in time for Leanne Cole and Laura Macky’s Monochrome madness this week and I will be late with Robyn Gosby’s One Four Challenge. Please check out these great sites and challenges.

I borrowed my fairy from one of Brian Froud’s (take a look, they are wonderful!) goblin masterpieces so I take no credit for the photo though I named him Fred and he has revealed himself every once in awhile over the years to my dismay.  I used this image the last time my PC went down some time ago.

I’ll look forward to everyone’s offerings for Monochrome and One Four- and responding on posts again in the next couple of days.