Monochrome Madness and shades of Gormenghast

Another week of  marvelous Monochrome Madness 46 with Leanne Cole and Laura Macky

I haven’t been venturing out as much this time of year, and so looking through some old books  I remembered  the brilliant and bizarre, creepy and Gothic world of Mervyn Peake and his Gormenghast chronicles and illustrations.

“Each day I live in a glass room unless I break it with the thrusting of my senses and pass through the splintered walls to the great landscape.”

Just one of many marvelous quotes from Mervyn Peake

the gate of two roads

the gate of two roads

 It’s probably the mist and rain we have been experiencing on the island this time of year that causes melancholia to slither down the twisting staircase in time for afternoon tea and a seance.

and here is the coloured version of the windows of an old mansion.  Does anyone recognize it?