One Four Challenge week 3

Week 3 of Robin Gosby’s One Four Challenge and feeling a bit limited with my subject  I attempted an “old masters” look!  I wanted it to look cracked and I layered it with both an old canvas texture and a photo I took of an old  still life print. I added a bit of perfect effects glow and just a touch of ps stained glass filter( very lightly).

The Garden Tea

Another old fashioned tale



One warm spring afternoon, Little Miss took all the porcelain dolls out into the garden.  She laid out a picnic tea on the garden table with fruit and cakes she had taken from the pantry. In a very short time Buttercup Bib ended up with  icing all over his face while little Bluebell became entranced by a butterfly turning cartwheels in the air.  I don’t have to tell you how poor Cowslip was feeling. Needless to say when the mother called Little miss into the house and the tiny tots were gathered up, Cowslip was very relieved to leave the din of the garden. Bonnie Tuliptoes  was accidentally left behind on the table all alone but she didn’t mind at all. She watched the flowers waving and the insects sparkle and buzz as they dusted  pollen from the blossoms.

All at once something amazing occurred.  Through an open parlour window she saw the canary making an escape. Someone had carelessly left his cage door open. The little bird didn’t think about what might happen out there in the big world and he didn’t hesitate at all. He seized the moment and flew up into the glorious sun.  His wings weren’t used to the swelling surge of take off and so he rested on a tree branch above Bonnie’s table to catch his breath.  He looked around in bewilderment before  the accomplishment dawned on him. He was free! A jubilant song rushed out from deep within his breast.

The melody fell into the garden like shimmering rain. Insects stopped buzzing.  Robins looking for worms paused to listen, rabbit ears shivered, even the flowers stood still with their heads up.  The backyard hovered for a moment in a bubble of perfect, shining stillness as the last note echoed into infinity, – but then a scream was heard from the parlour.  A few minutes later  Little Miss’ brother ran outside toward the tree with a large butterfly net. Time returned to the garden and the garden returned to it’s toil.  Bonnie sighed and wondered if her friends would miss her.

Chapter Four: A Night in the Garden