One Four Challenge – week 2

Robyn’s One Four challenge– week 2


Week 2

A Birth ( chapter 2)

One day an elephant appeared on the mantel. He had ivory tusks and his trunk curled upward in blessing.  A clock was sitting inside the howdah perched  on top of his back.   The father of the little Miss was a world traveler and often brought back unusual treasures from far off places.  Bonnie Tuliptoes was lulled happily by the tick tock of the time piece and Buttercup Bib moved closer to get a better look. Bluebell stared at it and contentedly sucked her thumb but Cowslip was totally unsure of the whole business and her lip quivered fearfully.

Another time they awoke to a  cunning, gold filigreed, Faberge egg which was poised on a tiny gold stand. The porcelain tots  watched and waited in quiet expectancy. One morning a gilt cage stood by the window and inside it a yellow canary began to sing jubilantly. The egg had hatched at last. Unfortunately the bird song startled poor cowslip who cried all the harder. However, the elephant’s trunk appeared to be raised a bit higher as if the melody had a pleasing odour and Bonnie squealed in joyful delight.

 Chapter Three:  The Garden Tea

on this week’s process I cropped and turned the photo to frame the face. I used a sepia Fotosketch, a touch of glow and blur, and layered it to show a hint of colour. – All that !! 🙂


(cast of characters)