Tales of the coastal Salish

westcoast salish

Longhouse of the Coastal Salish

How Raven Stole the Sun

 In the beginning the world was in darkness but Seagull had found daylight and jealously hoarded it away in a cedar box for himself alone. Raven ( the trickster) thought of a way to steal it so the rest of the people would not have to live in such dim dreariness.

tales of the coastal salish

Raven and Whale ( Salish spirit masks)

Raven put sea urchins down at Seagull’s door and when Seagull went outside he stepped onto the sharp spines. Raven then presented himself to Seagull  with an offer to help. Seagull was grateful for the assistance and gave Raven a knife to pry out the sharp needles. Seagull then complained that Raven was hurting him so Raven explained that it was because it was too dark to do the job properly. The miserable Seagull reluctantly opened his precious box a tiny crack. A ray of light escaped but Raven said it was not enough and he needed more or he would not be able to get all the spines out of Seagull’s foot. Finally Seagull threw open the chest and the crafty Raven seized the light and made off with it to share with his friends. And that is how daylight came into the world.