Monochrome Madness in the House of Small

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                                                                            Monochrome Madness 44

The Memories of a Button Hook Child

The Book of Small2

of garden sunhats  and the sound of petticoats

                                               lapping like water around high buttoned boots




        of rose water cameos and sunlight sipped teacups


and magical genies in vinaigrette bottles

genie vinaigrettetint

where the ghosts of old portraits whisper

                                      Dance me to the end of love


Leonard Cohen

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Experiencing barrel fulls of cold rain here on the coast gives me a chance to practice with my macro lens on some inherited old tea sets and ornaments I’ve had sitting in cabinets. I have a great deal of fondness for these  Victorian and Edwardian heirlooms and often dream of those graceful eras where the little city of Victoria blossomed and came of age.