Happy New Year!!

I just celebrated my New Year’s Eve birthday  and I’m not sure how I feel about that! But the day was glorious and frosty and sparked my motivation though I’m still in a fits and start mode!! Bear with me friends!!  🙂  The sun warms the soul and I’m brimming with New Year’s resolutions.

It was a quiet birthday, even a sad birthday, I’m still struggling,  I had a few calls and emails, twitter greetings etc

But…… Jack Frost left me clumps of diamonds on the woodland path! What more could I ask?

Jack's gift2

winter diamonds ( best seen on attachment page)

And at the Royal Theater we watched  Elsa (Frozen) dance in the innovative Victoria Ballet Production of The Gift – a different interpretation of the Nutcracker. We laughed when  the children from the local ballet school huddled together as little frightened mice with their tiny knees knocking together.


The Gift

the mouse queen ( Miss T) sneaks up on the Nutcracker

Miss Tittlemouse  aka Pickles- soft ball base stealer extraordinaire

Last year at the Nutcracker









aint she sweet

and this year all dignified on her way to the Ballet

a cold daisy

I’m sure it was Elsa, the ice queen who also left me this gift of a wilting seaside daisy in a frozen ice puddle near the beach. I think our sweet T told her it was my birthday when we met her backstage.

May your path have heart and your heart be strong.  May we all have grand adventures and plenty of stories and photos to show and tell in the new year.