Merry Christmas and Monochrome Madness #43

May the peace and joy of the season be yours -my last gasp before “Yes, it’s finally Christmas!!!  A touch of colour for Leanne and Laura’s Monochrome Madness.


2014 – My retrospect

It’s been an eventful year, full of joys and sorrow, and it’s been hard gathering my thoughts lately. Yet I have been thinking a lot which probably reflects in my posts!

I took another wonderful trip back to Scotland and Ireland, my daughter got married, I won the lottery!!   kidding! I just wanted to get your attention!  If I did win the lottery I now think or hope I would give it all away.

I have been given so much, and I have lost much. We lost Robin which has made me realize once again how fragile life is.  Yet strangely, even the losses are a gift and love is never lost.

We struggle, triumph, fail, win and lose, and we let go!!  “Pain is inevitable, suffering is optional” What a concept- so hard to practice but when we do it sets us free. We feel alone and yet we are not.

I think our whole lives can be lived as a sacred ritual, in wonder, and in humble praise and gratitude. We can live like warriors courageously welcoming a New Year of challenges and dreams. We can open our hearts to love knowing that it can open us to pain as well. Yin and Yang, happiness and tears,and as George Harrison said  “Simple words of wisdom, let it be. “

So, Blessed Be, Namaste, and God bless us everyone.  I will light a candle and raise a glass to our sweet girl Robin,  and my dear brother Dean – how we all miss your laughter and music!

I raise a toast to my beautiful  parents, grandparents, relatives and friends, and all who helped make me who I am today, to those gone and to all of us here now. We are on this journey together awhile.  It’s not always easy. But let’s each hear the music – offer a hand- and  travel breathlessly!!


The little Drummer Boy

Merry Christmas!!!  and play on!!

Our own little Drummer Boy

Our own little Drummer Boy- an old poster

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