The moon of wintertime


For those interested in music and a little history I must tell you about a wonderful Canadian Christmas carol!  I’m posting it in honour of my brother’s beautiful children who have First Nations status from their mother.


This haunting hymn is the first North American Christmas carol also called The Huron Carol. It was written by  a young Jesuit priest in 1643, Jean de Brebeuf from Normandy, who came over to New France (Canada), and as a missionary was willing to face death and the unknown, alone, in an unforgiving wilderness.

Jesous Ahatonhia

Tom Jackson, (North of 60) sings this beautifully with such a deep resonance

winter hills okanagan

Mountain Manitou

Sadly, we all know the ultimate tragic history of the injustices, suppression of language and culture and near annihilation  of the First Nations Peoples by government and church.

However, at that time in the new world Jean de Brebeuf was full of idealism and compassion as well as zeal.  He lived with the Huron people and wrote this carol as a Huron story  in their own language called Wendat. Hunter braves instead of shepherds hear the angels sing.

winter sunsig

winter dawn

Canadian Tom Jackson, actor, singer, and environmental activist, who is of Metis heritage, is once again bringing the Huron Carole Concert to Defeat Hunger, across Canada this Christmas. I pray that we continue to work toward reconciliation and unity, and celebrate the rich cultural heritage of First Nations people along with that of our own.


Tom Jackson

Jesous ahatonhiahuron-carol-4-unknown-artist

Twas in the moon of wintertime

when all the birds had fled,

That mighty Gitchi Manitou sent angel choirs instead…..

 The chiefs from far before him knelt

with gifts of fox and beaver pelt

  An interesting book and movie set in that era  is Black Robe.