I’ll be home for Christmas

Sometimes it’s like yesterday, so close, you need only shut your eyes for an instant, whisper Christmas, and you are back.  This is a nostalgic time.

Our little house on the hill near the University exists only in my heart now, having been put to rest by urban development.  There is Mom at the window waving hello and Dad handing out gifts. The family dinner is about to begin.  Relatives and friends are still arriving, my dear little brother is lighting the candles, and all are singing carols, some much louder than others after a few Irish coffees!  My parents celebrated Christmas like Ebenezer’s epiphany and Dad christmas supperalways claimed the title of the true Kris Kringle.

As time goes on people we know and love will be inevitably missed as they go off on other journeys.  Sadness and loss touch us all, but the magic can still be found in a snowflake or a song and wonderful memories still swirl around inside the snow globe of winter dreams.

our old house

our old house

And we make new memories and new traditions!  Many people we meet on this road of wonder and discovery will touch our lives deeply as we journey together awhile.  Sorrow and joy are wrapped up in the same ribbons and both are gifts!

I’m a bit sporadic but here are a few eclectic offerings from the neighbourhood. One is a macro of one of my plastic ( yes you heard it) Christmas ornaments

-and good grief, it’s our Miss T as the mouse queen, sneaking  up to have her photo taken with the Nutcracker before he comes to life and  draws his sword!!! ( actually a wonderful experience dressing up at the Nutcracker Ballet)

and here is the jubilant song, “Arrival” by ABBA for all you flute, penny whistle and bagpipe lovers. Listen to the end to experience the fullness of a  joyful shiver!!

(The angel is an experiment in shutter speed and panning and I rather liked the effect!)


brightest angel

of the woodland angel

  Grant us peace