The Dream Threshold- and Monochrome Madness

( fun with an older photo)

Somewhere beyond the cold and dusty sweep of Orion’s arm and the garden,  Andromeda lies dreaming of  broken chains


extraterrestrial  dew in the summer house on Alpha Centauri

A few useless facts:

Alpha Centauri, our closest stellar neighbour ( actually a triple star system) appears to have an earth like planet orbiting one of it’s stars with a probability of life, and therefore,  spectral flowers which may be fertilized by the luminescent grounds of a cosmic espresso. ( tips from the Moon gardener)

do you wanna dance

And once upon a time in a galaxy far away, any doomsday enthusiasts will be happy to know that love struck Andromeda (M31) is rushing headlong into the arms of the Milky Way. Now that will be an incredible wedding dance!


and I meant to add this (I’m very disorganized at the moment!) – the wonderful  Leanne Cole and Laura Macky’s  Monochrome Madness 41!!!

Another dream

the dream threshold

the outset of a dream