My Beautiful Christmas Angel

Robin has been laid to rest.  It was a life that ended much too soon – but was a splendid journey, with scuba diving in Cozumel ( I dove with her in Victoria), sky diving, a safari in Africa, getting her teaching degree and much more. -And she still had time to make me a lovely little  beaded  dream bauble which  was one of the first photos I took with my new macro lens.

Thank you Robin for sharing your beautiful journey with us.

It’s winter and I think of  the tranquility of snow “falling softly and faintly through the universe … upon all the living and the dead” as James Joyce wrote.  I hope it snows again soon.

I decided to put up my Christmas decorations in the old Catholic family tradition.  I’ve had this angel for 20 years, an exquisite porcelain, and paper creation that I reverently place on the mantel every Yuletide. Christmas was always magical for me – and now both joyful and sad at the same time. Memories comfort us and those that have journeyed on are missed. I have to remind myself that life is about loss.  We cannot hold on to water flowing through our fingers.

When I look at the festive lights,  though I’m a Buddhist philosophically, I still think of the Christ child as a symbol of  hope and light and I remember one of the beatitudes- “Blessed are those who mourn for they shall be comforted.”

Christmas Pachelbel

Angelus Dolorosa

Here is a  photo of one my hand bordered cards that I sell in a store downtown. It’s the best seller for this month – one I did ages ago, prior to WordPress and photoshop. Victoria is very airy fairy, wiccan new age, so go figure! I have an animated version of it also, where he stamps the ground and it snows. I snapped this unicorn on the path by my house one snowy winter night.

May your season be magical!

and since I’m downtown, it’s tradition to have a cup of Murchie’s “quality teas since 1894” – and their cakes and pastries are divine.


The Bay Center Gallery


Tea at Murchies fine teas and cakes

and again dear blogging community thank you all for your kind comments, compassion and sympathy!

Peace to all.