The Road to Awe – in memory of Robin

We never know at the end of the day if we will see another sunset or sunrise, or when we kiss someone goodbye if it will be for the last time. With that in mind we can then embrace the moment as a sacrament, in it’s  entirety, and without expectation.

Our lives are fragile.   In the miraculous explosion of creation, the crystal dust that formed the galaxies also gave birth to life.  There are bits of stars in us and like the universe we are in constant transformation.  Our atoms flow back into the cosmos as we turn once again into particles of light.

This beautiful video was made by Dustin Farrell in his series on time lapse landscapes. It is definitely worth the three minutes it takes to watch it. It will uplift and transport you and make you realize what a privilege it is to be here on this wonderful spaceship called earth.

Dedicated to you Robin,  my “other daughter,” and such a big part of our family and life in Victoria- 0ur Robin who loved wide open spaces and looking through the telescope with me- who loved horses and adventures and walking along Dallas Road cliffs with Arrow. When you Arrow and Robinmoved back home the bonds remained unbroken.

It was so sudden.  I’m so glad you were with your mom and so happy we got to spend time again together this summer- I had both my girls with me.   Still, I am unable to  say goodbye, and so darling, Godspeed you on your next journey. We know you are dancing!


Road to Awe

The road to awe