The Road to Awe – in memory of Robin

We never know at the end of the day if we will see another sunset or sunrise, or when we kiss someone goodbye if it will be for the last time. With that in mind we can then embrace the moment as a sacrament, in it’s  entirety, and without expectation.

Our lives are fragile.   In the miraculous explosion of creation, the crystal dust that formed the galaxies also gave birth to life.  There are bits of stars in us and like the universe we are in constant transformation.  Our atoms flow back into the cosmos as we turn once again into particles of light.

This beautiful video was made by Dustin Farrell in his series on time lapse landscapes. It is definitely worth the three minutes it takes to watch it. It will uplift and transport you and make you realize what a privilege it is to be here on this wonderful spaceship called earth.

Dedicated to you sweet Robin,  my “other daughter,” and such a big part of our family and life in Victoria- Our Robin who loved wide open spaces and looking through the telescope with me- who loved horses and adventures, our diving exploits and walking along Dallas Road cliffs with Arrow. When you Arrow and Robinfinally moved back home to California, the bonds remained unbroken.

Your leaving us was so sudden.  I’m so glad you were with your family and so happy we all got to spend time again together this summer.   Still, I am unable to  say goodbye, and so darling, Godspeed you on your next journey. We know you are dancing!

Your light shone so brightly though brief

Road to Awe
The road to awe

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  1. Steve says:

    Lovely video and thoughts. We’re all made of star stuff. Ourselves and the very material planet around us was all forged in the bright furnace heart of ancient stars. If we were as still as a rock or tree, and as still in thought and perception, the clouds might fly above at such speed amd the world would seem to move quickly. Every minute a second, every hour a minute, and every day an hour.


    1. Thank you so much for your lovely words Steve!! I love the vision they create!! Happy New Year to you!


  2. lbeth1950 says:

    Thanks for following Nutsrok

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  3. Ross Duncan says:

    Beautiful, thanks for lifting my day

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    1. thank you Ross, It’s a beautiful video!!


  4. Aquileana says:

    Beautiful, heartfelt, sad and poignant … Our lives are fragile indeed so we need to take advantage of every single moment. Thank you very much for sharing. Hugs!. Aquileana ⭐

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    1. thank you Aquileana. It’s so true!! Blessings!!


  5. betunada says:

    yoove (w)really gotta weigh with (words within the) werdz !

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    1. Thank you Betunada.


  6. joshi daniel says:

    that video is really stunning 🙂

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  7. smilingtoad says:

    Such a beautiful and tender post. That video was stunning. So majestic and inspiring. Your words touched me profoundly. “Our atoms flow back into the cosmos as we turn once again into particles of light.” So intensely beautiful.

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  8. An incredible video, and a heart-warming send-off, on a journey to where we will all join our absent loved ones, when the Master’s life-clock strikes the hour signalling that our own departure times have arrived. I have no doubt that that time will arrive accompanied by much singing and dancing, and we will, all of us, be together once again. Until then…

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  9. Beautiful time lapse and I agree that it’s a wonderful spaceship called earth. Sorry to hear about your loss.

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  10. Emilio Pasquale says:

    I will not go into my heartache or loss- we all have, or will have, both in a lifetime. For some, it comes much too early. And those who are blessed with a long life, will have too many to count. Neither feels quite fair.

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  11. poppytump says:

    Truly far reaching in words and film Cybele x

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  12. It’s really worth to see, thanks for sharing ❤ The video is a beautiful combination of pictures, motion and music!

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  13. Robyn G says:

    Oh dear… So beautiful and so sad.
    We are here for a moment. Love to you xx

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  14. So true, so touching and so beautiful. ❤

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  15. lauramacky says:

    The love you feel transcends our physical bodies. But you know that already. i can feel it in this post 🙂

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  16. Beautiful words Cybele and photo too!

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  17. Beautiful and so very true, we all have our clocks tick tocking only we never know when or where they will decide to stop, which is why you should always try to live life.

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  18. Heartbreaking…and still, life goes on.

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  19. Thank you for sharing the video. It’s awe inspiring, and so neat to another perspective of many of the places I’ve visited. He’s extremely talented.

    I hope you’re able to find comfort and peace in the sweet and cherished memories you have of Robin. xx

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  20. Norma says:

    I really enjoyed the three minute tour of our planet earth. The line “There are bits of stars in us and like the universe we are in constant transformation.” says so much about how we have the power to transform ourselves. Great post, Moon.

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  21. Jeb says:

    “Like the sun quenched at its rising” one Gaelic response to the initial loss of a daughter.

    The barnacle goose, in its embryonic form as it lay in shallow rock pools and opened up its tendrils to feed is described “as drinking in the sun” “the moment in it’s sacrament and entirety, and without expectation.”

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  22. Exquisite, Cybele. You have stated my belief in the magical cycle of life in a way I’m not sure I ever could have. Inspirational and touching, and I am so sorry for your loss. ♥

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  23. Carrie says:

    I am so sorry, I have few words. Your beautiful understanding of our universal connection will hopefully give you some peace, maybe not today but someday. You and your family are in my thoughts, sending you light and a hug.

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  24. Nina María says:

    Breathtaking video and beautiful words. Sorry for your loss.

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  25. sixpixx says:

    So uplifting. Beautiful.

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  26. katieprior says:

    Beautiful words, Cybele, so sorry for your loss.

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  27. Sorry for your loss… yes our lives are fragile and we need to remember that more often. beautiful video and beautiful picture!)

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