Monochrome Madness 38!! and more

Oh autumn, soon ending!!  For us on the west coast, it’s mainly cloudy and wet but every so often we are surprised with  a day that can surpass expectation for this time of the season.

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On the road to find out2

On the road to find out

All changes, even the most longed for, have their melancholy; for what we leave behind us is a part of ourselves; we must die to one life before we can enter another. ~Anatole France

A few thoughts and winter memories awaking:

We are passing into winter quickly though we have a month to go before the solstice. I have two birthdays to celebrate this month, my brother in the Okanagan Valley and my daughter who always insists on great fanfare, no matter how old she gets.

In December I still celebrate the birth of  two Sagittarians – my mom and youngest brother.  Though no longer on this earth, they were here – and enthusiastically, as their stars dictated. They are still imprinted on the the tapestry of time and space. I’m woven in there too.  The fabric, though worn, is splendid with festive gold and silver, scarlet and green illuminated threads!

The veil of memories unfolds and flows like the northern lights during this season when nights freeze and the count up to Christmas begins. There were always many and long preparations in my family. It was never quiet!!   There were arrivals from out of town, including all of us siblings,  even after we had flown the nest and now had chicks of our own. There were social activities, skiing, skating, shopping, gargantuan turkeys and trees,  mom at the window waving, and dad shouting greetings to all, – and giving instructions on finding the shortest route to the church- as well as where to find parking!  Whenever I smell frosted pine trees,  baileys Irish coffee, and homemade shortbread, I’m back again in those joyful days!!

and here are a few more, including the coloured version of this submission.