Jewels of the Cretaceous

Due to my fondness for finding old bones and philosopher stones I present another attempt at Macro before the One Four Challenge this Sunday.  These were bathed in the morning sun and I added a slight radial blur to give a sense of time bursting.

cretaceous jewels (2)

During the primeval days just as today, honey-like sap would sometimes bleed from tree bark, often trapping bits of vegetation and insects on it’s journey downward to the forest floor. It was eventually buried as the earth moved and reorganized herself through time. Nature’s alchemy slowly fossilized the resin. Amber is considered a semi precious biogenic stone (like pearl and ammolite) and has been mined through history from Syria to the Baltic and finally, the Dominican Republic.  It has been prized since pre Roman times.

Anyone lucky enough to find an amber piece that contains insect or other former living matter holds a tiny time capsule in their hands – a  little golden window into the mesozoic era where Mother Nature in a creative fervor, exploded into flowers and dinosaurs.

In myth, amber was believed to be the tears of the the sisters of Phaeton who had turned into poplar trees after his death. It was called electrum by the Greeks, which referred to the  “beaming sun.”

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