I’m back in the forest again

I’ve not been posting as much but still trying to keep up with everyone, though a bit more slowly. I’m starting to feel better and I’m loving Robyn’s One Four challenge along with   Leanne’s Monochrome Madness 37 . I’ve been in a slump and trying to regain my enthusiasm after the wonderful holiday and a few minor family crises, not to mention the sore ribs, terrible weather, and not much money coming in!

walk in the woods again

and my first macro offerings with a real macro lens ( along with my crystal cave and ammonite )

All you wonderful macro artists,(you know who you are!!!)I’ve been inspired by you all.  Please feel free to drop me some hints or pointers at my contact me. Other than that I’m just practicing and not always getting the results I hope for!!  I’m using a Canon EF 100 mm macro f2.8 with stabilizer.


and as I am fond of traditional and  obscure pieces, I found another old folk song that I quite like. One of the compiled Child Ballads ( Some of you English bloggers might know it),  This song I think was also once sung by Joan Baez the famous American folk singer.



Dominion Astrophysical Obervatory

My monochrome madness submission