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  A tale of the Crystal Cave

a very short story

the crystal cave

 As the light reached the innermost part of the cavern it pierced the stalagmite shard and a single jubilant tone rang through the subterranean halls. The sound shivered through the souls of the waiting listeners.  Ixchel, the rainbow goddess was set free from her crystal prison and moved among them and into the world above. The ball game had been won by the hero twins and the gods of Xibalba were again defeated. At each of the four corners of the earth, Ixchel’s four sons would forever hold up the sky vault over the people of the corn.*



For some reason this photo reminded me of my journey along  La Ruta Puuc (of the Maya), from Sayil to the Lol Tun caves, when I traveled through  the Yucatan two years ago. Sacred to the ancient Maya as portals to the underworld- and as journeys of the soul, the beautiful Cenotes and Caverns had captured my imagination years ago, along with the mysterious Mayans themselves.

I used a tile blur and a lens filter on this crystal rock.  We don’t have much sun these days so I was grateful when an errant beam slipped through the window before the rain gods arrived.

 *My story background:

Xibalba: the underworld or place of fear

In the beginning of time the hero twins Hunapu and Xbalanque challenged the dark gods to a ball game. The ball game then became part of the sacred ritual of life and death as is evident by the many ball courts and depictions of the game found on all the archaeological sites.

In Mayan myth the first humans were created from corn.

Some of their wonderful mythology can be found in a few surviving codices called the Popol Vu.

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If you ever travel to the Yucutan, Chiapas and Central America  remember Dzitnup Cenote, Lol Tun Caves, Balankanche Caves, The Wizard’s Temple,  among other beautiful sites  including those in Guatemala.