What is beautiful to me – Cee Neuner’s Challenge

Cee Neuner’s Black and white challenge

I have just returned from another visit to Bonny Scotland and Ireland, and family there .  Oh, the light!!! It is truly a photographer’s dream. Here are a few photos (I have a kazillion and more of these two beautiful countries)- but these are of the wonderful town of Old Edinburgh.

  What is beautiful to me:

 Edinburgh, my love

Edinburgh  my love monochrome

Scotland’s beautiful light

our bobby

the story of wee Bobby

I’m not sure if children in North America today read this true story (Greyfriar’s Bobby)  but he is known as “our Bobby” in Scotland.  He lived in Grefriars,  Edinburgh in the mid 1800’s and is an example of  poignant loyalty and devotion that surpasses understanding. He is  buried next to his owner, “Auld Jock” in the kirkyard.

edinburgh street

walking through the streets of Edinburgh (infrared


princes street gardens

Princes Street Gardens

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