More Monochrome Madnesses and Edinburgh

This is my contribution to Leanne and Laura’s MM 32 for this week

The fairy tale on Castle Rock

the magic of edinburgh

Castle Rock, Edinburgh Castle

It is believed that Castle Rock which was formed from an early volcanic eruption, has been a fort of some kind since the Iron Age.  One of the colourful stories of this famous site says that back in the 7th century after a year of drinking and carousing on the hill top at “Dun Eidyn” the tribal Gododdin warriors( celtic brythonic)  decided to ride down to do battle with the Angles and were subsequently defeated. They must have been terribly hung over!

It is now home to the world famous Military Tattoo , the Fringe Festival, tourist shops and pubs that wind down the picturesque “Royal Mile” to Holyrood Palace at the foot. The castle contains  the “Stone of Destiny” (of Scone)  and the Honours of Scotland (crown jewels and sword) that were for many years (from 1500’s) hidden in various places, protected from Cromwell and other enemies.


The Royal Mile

More Edinburgh

Military Tattoo