Muckross Abbey

Killarney and County Kerry are beyond beautiful!! An area of high mountain peaks, glass lakes, a huge national park, dramatic coast and rolling hills it truly is like stumbling upon a magical Oz.

muckross gardens

When I return home I will organize my photos but for now I remain very taken with the wonderful and historic site of Muckross  Abbey and house. It is a major ecclesiastic site founded by the Franciscans in the 1400’s. Muckross house is a huge estate of woodland waterfalls (the Torc) and lovely gardens. The house was built by a Scottish architect and privately owned by one family. It was later donated to the Irish nation and is now part of the National Park.

muckross lakesepiasmallstraight


In the middle of Lough Leanne lie the ruins of a 7th Century Monastery founded by St.Finian, just one of the centers of early Monasticism he established, the most famous being in County Meath.

muckross house (1 of 1)a

Muckross House

Ross castle across the lake

Ross Castle across the Lake

Muckross Abbey

And my contribution to Leanne Cole and Laura Macky’s Monochrome Madness

The abbey courtyard hallway
courtyard hall