The Real Scotland! I’m back in the Highlands again!

This is my vision of the true Scotland, the misty mountain, moor and glen of the Highlands. These were taken from the summit of the Ben Nevis range near Fort William, loved by hikers, mountain bikers and skiers, to the beautiful glens of Glencoe known for the infamous event where the Macdonalds invited the Campbell’s  for supper and the Campbells repaid  by murdering their hosts as they slept, including women and children. So life imitated art -as in the play about MacBeth’s ambitious treachery written in the 1600s!!

There is still a pub somewhere in the vicinity whose sign reads “Campbell’s are not welcome” over 350 years later!

At the moment the Scottish referendum is a resounding YES amongst highlanders and we shall soon see the historic outcome and ramifications. I am wishing the best for them on all fronts.

I also visited the beautiful island of Arran on the Firth of Clyde where Robert the Bruce is said to have encountered the spider (Try, try and try again) while hiding in one of the sea caves. It inspired him onward in his fight. Also the beautiful Machrie Moor with the standing stones and Fingal’s cauldron is there.

Castles and churches will follow in another post!  Travelling can be tiring and am not always able to get on line! I hope you enjoy my Scotland!

This will be my contribution to Leanne’s Monochrome Madness

Rosslyn Chapel

More Scotland

ancient hearts

Scotland’s got light

Rosslyn Chapel

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