Scotland’s got light!! and much more!

I am at my B&B in a state of exalted exhaustion and a chance to catch up a little with emails and  posts as I can – and a post of my own.  My notebook is painstakingly slow so this will be it for awhile!!

One thing that strikes you in Scotland is the wonderful light!! I saw it the very first time I visited. It truly is a photographer’s dream and I’ve been taking lots of pictures. Even when the sky is stormy there is a radiance going on and a light show amidst the clouds. Here and there beacons of light are flung out from the tumultuous gallop.

Scotland’s stories are many and brave; from the stone of destiny and the throne of Scone* mentioned in Shakespeare’s Macbeth “when we are crowned at Scone,” to the poignant loyalty of a little dog; Greyfriar’s Bobby.

There is the tragic battle and defeat at Culloden where the Highlanders, supported by Ireland and France, were outnumbered and out-weaponed  by the English troops during the last Jacobite rebellion. After, there followed a brutal repression and the devastating land clearances of the highlands.

The stories and courage of the Black Watch Regiment of the 19th and 20th century are also legendary

The referendum and vote of yes or no to an independent Scotland will be later this month. I’ll be in Ireland then but will be following that with interest.

A few Scottish landscape impressions and I’m off to the fairy glen on the Black Isle tomorrow.

*(Scone is pronounced Scune and not to be confused with scones!)

on Loch Ness - today

on Loch Ness –

my granddad used to sing in Gaelic:               ___________________________________________________

And here is my contribution to Leanne Cole and Laura Macky’s Monochrome Madness this week

memento mori

memento mori

from Greyfrars Kirk in Edinburgh

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