Tales of the Tuatha ( a little background) – and Monochrome Madness

After posting the latest chapters of the Tales yesterday,  I was thinking that perhaps by now some of you may have guessed that my story of the lovely maiden of the mound is a take on the Gaelic  legend of Oisin told from an entirely different perspective and with a few changes.  Click on the Oisin & Niamh stamp final lo res_edited-1stamp (by J.P. Lynch) to a very truncated version of the original tale.

Thank you for your support in  the following and reading of my tales and for the very touching and positive responses!!

Niamh’s adventures are a travel through dreams and through time which seem to have taken on a life of their own from a head full of  floating images,words and magical things, along with the daily distractions of being a visitor in a strange land ( this planet). These thoughts eventually connect to my fingers which can then never keep up on the keyboard but which I always hope “unjumble” it all. The tale will have a conclusion I promise.


the beginning of the journey


And Now  On To

Monochrome Madness

MM 26 with Leanne Cole and Laura Macky

I blew it this week as I wasn’t paying attention!!  It was supposed to be monochrome colour!!  nevertheless it is included:

For the latest MM I am presenting an image of a piece of sculpture my father did many years ago.  Both my parents are gone, my mother the more recent.  My father had been given the name of an Italian poet and was an artist and sculptor in his spare time and truly, a man of many talents. When I was quite young I remember him asking my mother to drop whatever she was doing and sit as he lovingly ran his hands over the beautiful contours of her face which were then born again out of the moist clay. Though the sculptures were of varied subjects my sister and I always chuckled because so many had a stamp of mom on them. So, she was definitely his celtic muse. I inherited this bust and it stands in my living room where the morning sun blesses it.  It’s quite a classic piece so I used a layered texture to give it an older look.

Silvio's muse -my father's heart

Silvio’s Muse


monochrome colour!!