On a solar wind

These are a few summer images and portraits of  family I took this last while.  I had fun, using a few filters ; one called Fractalis which sings the image electric!! For some reason I saw the final photos as mythic!  I have been re- reading the Edda– that heroic and doomed epic of Norse kennings  by Snorri Sturluson and also, the Anglo Saxon poem, Beowulf.  

Visions of  the rainbow bridge (Bifrost), the twilight of the gods (Ragnarok), Odin’s ravens and Valkyries ( also called swan maidens) appeared everywhere. Then there was the acrobat on the sand who insisted I include her tricks,  Loki’s daughter?

under another star


Background stuff: Did anyone ever read Michael Crichton’s “Eaters of the Dead?”  It’s a strange Norse tale supposedly based on an old manuscript written by an arab wanderer.  Ibn Fadlan came in contact with vikings on the Black Sea and sailed with them.   We now know that the vikings sailed  far and of course even made it  to the new world where ruins of a viking settlement were discovered in Newfoundland, Canada. Their influences can be seen in both Scotland and Ireland. In Scotland many surnames are of Norse origin.