Leanne Cole’s Still Life Breakfast Tea

As this is such a busy month and I’m so scattered these days -this is short and sweet (100 word challenge) but here it is  for Leanne’s Story Prompt:

Cavete Felem  ( beware of….)


Leanne Cole’s Still Life


Mr. Feles was trying to enjoy his breakfast tea and muffin when he heard the newspaper arrive with a thud at his front door. It hit the dozing cat who screeched in protest. He had been getting complaints about his rental property and he sighed, wondering how he would handle it this time.

Looking at the news headline he rolled his eyes wearily. He carefully took off his glasses. He left the remaining morsel on his plate and headed for the door. He hoped he had enough money in his wallet to bail out his sister, the crazy cat lady again.


Kitten Caboodle