Another walk in the parkland

After a whirlwind week!! a little respite at last and to all my blogger friends I will try to catch back up with you all! I missed Monochrome Madness this week but it’s a brilliant collection again.

Here is the Japanese Garden, with a peaceful pagoda standing across the stream from a west coast Douglas Fir.  I forgot I had my fader filter on and got an interesting effect though slightly nebulous (hand held at shutter speed 1/4). The late afternoon sun revealed it’s starry nature in the reflective zen dream of the little pool.

Japanese garden

and another Hydrangea folded into the shadows.  (I confess I am ever so slightly  jealous of you lens toting macro maniacs!!  but I love you all!!) 🙂

Hydrangea light

and a rather fierce Heronasaur: “Don’t mess with me!”

don't mess with me2


and one Monochrome – a layered composite I was inspired to do after a visit to Cathedral Grove up island. Some might know that the word Eucharist comes from the Greek Evkaristia =Thanksgiving. The brilliant Laura Macky will know!!

Cathedral Grove2

Forest Eucharist