Walking in View Royal

I had a little fun here with the Nik Analog filter that gives photos a vintage look or  an old plate photograph touch.


Fort Rodd Lighthouse across the cove

I live near the water and I’m close to many regional park lands.  The mountains in the distance are The Olympic Range on the American side, across the Juan de Fuca Strait.

The westcoast of the island is spectacular. View Royal is a more rural area but well connected to the town of Victoria.  My brother ( 50 something) and his friends just finished walking the famous, grueling and beautiful West Coast Trail for the last 6 days, through rain forest, torrential mud (the trail when it rains), and over mountain, raging river and chasm carrying 30-40 lb. back packs and watching for bear and cougar.  He saw three people airlifted out by medivac.  No, I’m not in the least bit interested!!  I prefer to be home at tea time and at bedtime.  I’m off to Scotland and Ireland at the end of August!!


The road to the point

Bastet and Sekhmet’s Library has provided a wonderful story inspired by “the road to the point” entitled Apocalypse at Tea Time

old house

An old house on the Cove


gallopping goosebikesepia

Riding the Goose – to Sooke Regional Park from View Royal ( Galloping Goose Trail)