Tales of the Tuatha ( chapter 24 of the keep it sweet and short tales)

Wherein Bran speaks of things to come


woodland incantation


Niamh and Bran sat under a tree together just as they had done in another time, during a golden hour in midsummer when the evening sky rained stars and the forest was filled with a singing rapture.  She rested her head on his shoulder and listened to the voice that was a melody from her childhood.

“Stay strong and be happy dear Niamh,” he said encouragingly.  “We are the light that flickers between the shadows but, some day strange priests will come from afar and give souls to men. The price will be great!”  his voice became solemn,  “The high kings will give up the old ways, the gods, and even the magic to reach a divine abode forbidden to us.”

Niamh was confused, “But what of our folk!” she asked. “Don’t we live there now? What happens when the Sidhe die?” She hesitated before whispering,

“What happened to you Bran?”



a woodland pond

Tears by Ensiferum ( from Finland)

Background:  there is an old folk story that says the fairies were thrown out of heaven with the fallen angels, however, though they were not good enough for heaven, nor were they bad enough for hell so they were allowed to dwell on the earth. Fairies are given a very long life and in Ireland they became incorporated with the legends surrounding the  Tuatha de danaan ( people of the goddess Danu) or people of the mound.  They could cause quite a bit of mischief.

As for the music:  Finland has produced some interesting folk rock mixed with heavy metal. Two of their most famous groups are Ensiferum and Nightwish. These two bands often use mythological themes in their music and titles.