Tales of the Tuatha (chapter 23 of the keep it sweet and short tales)

following  quickly on the heels of chapter 22 so read that one first!

A Dream within a Dream

Holding her face in his hands Bran kissed her. “I didn’t lose you!” she cried! “Oh Niamh,” he said wistfully “such dreams we dreamed!”

She looked into his far seeing  eyes and knew at once that he wouldn’t stay.  Resigned, she took his hand, and held it to her chest as though to stop any tears from seeping out of her wounded heart.

She realized that he knew everything.  He knew of her journey to the Sacred Spring. He knew of her lost dreams and the one she carried from the river bank that fateful day. He knew it had become so heavy that her little pouch had fallen to the ground spilling all into the winds.

Bran put his hand on her soft cheek, “We Tuatha dwell in dreams Niamh, and before I must go I will tell you of those that are to come.”
“So this is my own dream within a dream,” she thought.


Fare thee well, love,
Fare thee well, love,
Far away, you must go.
Take your heart, love,
Take my heart, love,
Will we never meet, again no more

— by the Rankin Family of Nova Scotia and in memory of my own brother whose smile made everyone want to be his friend.

Background of music:  Many Scots and Irish moved to the New world (Canada) bringing their music and dance!!  In Newfoundland  Irish descendants make their living from the sea and have produced folk rock artists like Figgy Duff and Great Big Sea.

Nova Scotia and especially Cape Breton Island are home to world class pipers and highland dancers and of course the famous former musical group The Rankin Family whose celtic ballads are well known.